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Read the terms and Conditions before you make a booking.

Availability of the Main Hall and the Benneworth Lounge.

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The calendar for the Main Hall can be seen by clicking on the link below:

Main Hall Calendar

The calendar for the Benneworth Lounge can be seen at the end of this link:

Benneworth Lounge Calendar

When you select one of the links, in may take a little time for the calendar to download. Once it has downloaded, you can choose the format you wish to use - whether by month, week or day - from the menu bar at the head of the calendar. Once you have selected the correct date, the “day” view is the most useful for seeing which slots are free or booked and their duration.

 At the moment the calendar is available to view up to six months ahead of today’s date.

It is intended to have this period extended in the future, if possible.

To make a booking you will need to contact the Booking Secretary. The preferred method of contact is by email.

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